Our Mission

We believe in putting our customers ahead of us!
Today rapid globalization has advanced all the sectors and economy as a whole. The new working space thus created has tried to end the monopoly and has helped decentralization. The growth is visible in all metropolitan cities that are brimming up with new success stories. A lot has to be done in other region and areas to upgrade these regions as there metropolitan predecessor.
Success is a never ending process. We at D.V. ENTERPRISES have aim that is to provide cheapest and the best product with all competitive product features in its segment into the direct consumer market.
We have dream to cover products in all segments related to stationery and computer products at an affordable prices to our esteemed client base. On priority we have indulge ourselves into the segment of Stationery products including general, office and computer stationery. Our second product segment will include branded Packaging and Electronics products.
Apart from this, we are aiming at featured technical products required by industries and various Governments and Private Organizations as per their day to day functioning.
We also remain focused in reducing warehouse cost of customer and help maintain minimum stock to maintain liquidity of our valued clients’ resources of all the products covered by us and yet provide them fast and diligent service when there is actual requirement of the concerned product.